Alexander's Testimonial


Nationality : Russian, Age : 19
Length of stay : 36 weeks,
Type of accommodation : Homestay


Why did you choose International House Nice ?

My parents decided to live in France so I followed them. I am learning French so I will be ready to start at the university in Nice.


What is your opinion on the school ?

IH Nice is a very good school in which to study French. There are many activities during the summer time for students who don’t know France. The teachers always help when you have problems with the language and give advice on locations in Nice as well.


How were your French lessons at International House Nice ?

They were very interesting and I learnt a lot. I made many friends from different countries and we exchanged our cultures. The lessons are clear and teachers explain everything you don’t know or don’t understand.
But if you don’t know French at all when you arrive, there are some difficulties when you start. I think before you come to France you should know the basics of the language.

What did you think about our staff ?

Staff always take care of you and try to do everything they can to make your stay in Nice as comfortable as possible.


How easy have you found it to socialise and meet other students at IH Nice ?

t didn’t take me long to make friends.
Speaking French with my friends was very good practice for me.
I had so much fun with them.


How have you spent your free time ?

I spent my free time on my bike and with my parents who live in a small village.
There are many beautiful small villages to visit so there are always things to do.
I often visited the castle in the old town of Nice as there is really a nice view where you can see the whole of Nice.