Callum's Testimonial


Nationality : Australian, Age : 22
Length of stay : 6 weeks,
Type of accommodation : host family


Why did you choose International House Nice ?

I wanted to do some French classes and I was already based in Nice, so after a bit of google research I found International House had the best reviews. Then I realised the school is across the road from my apartment !


What is your opinion about the school ?

I’ve had a number of teachers over a few short term visits and they are all very good. The quality of the teaching is very high and the school administration has been extremely helpful even for things that have nothing to do with school. I’ve met a lot of great people from all around the world also. I would definitely recommend the school to anyone looking to learn French in Nice.


How were your french lessons at INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Nice ?

The courses are well organised and I have always found that I can just keep up, enough to stretch my French skills but not too much that I’m completely lost, which is perfect. The classes are friendly and fun and I have always looked forward to going to class.

What did you think about our staff ?

The staff are all excellent.


How did you spend your free time ?

I’m living in Nice so I spend the afternoons and evenings just enjoying the city and surrounding areas as well as the food and culture. The beach, the mountains and the weather all give so many options for an active lifestyle or just for lazing on the beach and taking in the beauty of this place. On top of that I’m still discovering the restaurants, the art and the nightlife. The more I look, the more I find.


What aspects of Nice impressed you the most ?

For me it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve been to a fair number of cities and the combination of the weather, the sea and the mountains, along with the food, culture and entertainment make this a very special place. The location within Europe and the airport are other great advantages. Weekend trips are possible to a vast amount of places from Nice.


More informations on your experience to share with us ?

I guess most importantly; my French has improved dramatically in a fairly short time. Still a long way to go but with more time here, I can see it will be possible to converse in French fluently in the not too distant future.