Kahoko's Testimonial


Nationality : Japanese, Age : 22 ans
Length of stay : 42 weeks,
Type of accommodation: Host family


Why did you choose International House Nice ?

When I asked my agency, the agency told me that International House Nice handled many of its clients. In addition, the climate is sunny in Nice. I thought I could have a wonderful time at IH Nice.


What is your opinion about the school ?

IH Nice is not a big school, so it adapts well to students. The teachers are very nice, you can drink a coffee with them and visit museums, they are very friendly.


How were your French lessons at INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Nice ?

The courses are well organized. They adapt well to all levels of students. They can improve their ability to read, understand, write and speak. Everyone is involved during class and talks a lot. I took advantage of French classes every day.

What did you think about our staff ?

The staff are excellent. They took good care of all students. It is a perfect environment to ask for advice when you have a problem.


How did you spend your free time and what aspects of Nice impressed you the most ?

I often traveled around and outside Nice, as there are many small villages. It's really interesting because you can discover typical southern French culture. If you stay in Nice during the summer, you can even go to the beach. It's like a holiday !


Which aspects of Nice impressed you the most ?

All of them !! Especially, I noticed one aspect of living. Nice is a city that is very good for having fun, relaxing and living. The weather in Nice is calm and mild. It was the first time I stayed in France but I could do what I wanted quietly.


More information on your experience to share with us ?

Yes ! I arrived at International House Nice on the 10th of September, I did not speak any French, I did not understand either .. 42 weeks later, I can proudly announce that I have just passed the DELF B2 and I succeeded! Thank you !