Other Cultural Courses

Internships on organic farms and vineyards

Students who wish to get to know the real France and learn more about the environment, following their French course, can complete an unpaid work experience placement on an organic farm or vineyard. The farms are visited and chosen by our staff and are mainly located in the South of France. This is an unpaid internship but accommodation and 3 meals a day are provided.

some information :
  • Duration : 2 weeks preceded by 2 weeks minimum of French courses
  • Timetable : Maximum 35 hours per week


French Cuisine Course

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE NICE offers cooking courses to its students thanks to the collaboration with a small cooking school in Nice. Students take cooking classes in small groups where they learn the basic principles of good French cuisine. The classes are led by a chef in a friendly atmosphere and in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Classes take place in the afternoon for three consecutive hours and must be booked in advance. Each class is devoted to the preparation of a starter, main course and dessert and ends with a tasting of what has been prepared by the students, all accompanied by a good bottle of wine.

some information :
  • Timetable : 15 :00 pm - 18 :00 pm
  • Durtion : 3 hours per session
  • Price : 80 euro per session
  • Course frequency : Once a week
  • Description : Full course with wine tasting

* This course is not available on August.

English Course

International House Nice is now offering private English lessons.
Whilst each lesson is 45 minutes in length, students will study for 1 and a half hours at once (two lessons).
The lessons come in a package of 6 lessons.
Students are taught by a trained native English teacher and the quality is on par with the French lessons available.
Lessons can be arranged with a teacher and are available from 15:00 between 1 and 5 times a week.
The English course package is supplementary and can only be taken in addition to a French course.
Please enrol for the English lessons when you register for your preferred French course.

Some information :
  • Timetable : From 15:00 onwards. Exact times to be arranged.
  • Duration : 1 hour and a half per session
  • Price : 58 euros per 45 minutes
  • Course frequency : Between 1 and 5 times a week
Golf Classes

For those who enjoy an afternoon at a golf club, classes are now available on demand.
Situated in an idyllic location, only 15km/ 30 minutes from the city centre by bus, their team of certified golf teachers at Villeneuve-Loubet Golf Club are anxious to work on your swing !
With an earnest welcome, learn how to golf in a club, which owns a course of 40 holes, of which 17 are equipped with electronic mats.
You will be given complete training, working on all aspects of your gameplay, alternating according to your needs and desires.
For those who are beginners, be sure to come and discover their 1800 meters, 9 holes course, where you will learn to golf in a number of different technical situations.
Please enquire for further details.

Horse Riding Classes

Discover the joys of horse riding with Villeneuve-Loubet Horse Riding Club !
Situated right in the heart of the forest, their large grounds (25 hectares), dedicated specifically to their horses, can be found just a 30 minute bus-ride ride away from the centre of Nice.
Whether you are a beginner or intermediate rider, you are guaranteed a warm welcome from their professional team, who are very much looking forward to sharing their passion of horses with you.
The club owns 30 horses, ensuring numerous horses adapted to each level.
In addition, you will find a saddlery shop with a large range of horse riding equipment.
For those who want a wholesome meal or glass of wine, be sure to visit their restaurant “Les jardins de St Georges”.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and realise your dream of horse riding…
Please enquire for further details.