Professional training

150 International House schools in 50 countries train employees in professional English.
The schools are known in the world of languages for providing high quality training by English-speaking instructors who are qualified to teach their native language and have passed the CELTA exam from Cambridge University or Trinity College.
At International House Nice, we have been teaching English for many years and we put all our energy and know-how at your disposal.
Each course usually ends with a diploma recognized by the vocational training department.
Thus you will be able to take the Cambridge University linguaskill exam (ex bulats) , the TOEIC or the Bright exam.
All courses are focused on the needs of trainees who are assessed by a pre-training analysis.
What do you wish to improve in English?
  • Oral expression?
  • Oral comprehension?
  • Written expression (writing mails)?
  • Written comprehension?
  • Your professional English vocabulary?
  • Speak or write better English? a little practical grammar will help you a lot in your daily life.
You work with different books, audio-visual material, digitized material and e-learning if you have chosen this option .
Advances in technology are also visible in language teaching.
If you like the internet, e-learning will allow you to develop your knowledge without always being present in the classroom.
At International House, we favor mixed courses: part face-to-face, part internet. The English call this technique: 'Blended Learning'. You are always accompanied in this online learning by a trainer who monitors  your progress, checks the acquisition of your knowledge, motivates you to continue your learning and communicates with you live when he deems it useful or when you need to be reassured in your learning.
It also saves you valuable time because you have less need to travel to your school.
Attention: Blended Learning’ always requires a face-to-face time with the trainer and that's good because it is the only way to make this technique effective.
If you only want face-to-face work, we will not propose e-learning.
The Exams
The training courses supported by the CPF (Personal Training Account) require or encourage you to complete your training with a recognized exam.
Your language level will thus be evaluated according to the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) scale, which includes the very basic A1 levels, then A2, B1, B2 (intermediate) and C1 and C2 for most advanced students.
You can take:
- The Linguaskill (ex bulats) of the University of Cambridge for English
- The TOEIC for English
- The Bright Test for many foreign languages
- IELTS for English
- LILATE for French as a foreign language.
Your efforts will be rewarded with a recognized test that will help you in your professional life.
There is a wide variety of courses and the best is to inquire directly with our services by phone: +33 (0)
or by email on
In general, you have the choice between:
  • Private lessons face to face only.
  • Private lessons with 'Blended Learning': face-to-face plus e-learning.
  • Group lessons in mini-groups.
Weekly duration and number of hours will depend on your budget and availability.
The cost of training depends on your budget and we will do everything to provide you with training that fits your needs.
Private lessons: 60 € per hour
Private lessons and Blended Learning: between 15 and 30 euro per hour.
Group lessons: variable between 15 and 20 euro per hour.
Some internships can be supported by Pole Emploi or by your company: inquire with our services.
We also teach other languages ​​following the same pedagogical principles:
  • French as a foreign language for foreigners but also for French people who want to improve their professional French.
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Hebrew
We commit ourselves:
  • to welcome you warmly and to motivate you in your learning,
  • take time to test you and analyze your needs,
  • to offer you mother tongue trainers who are qualified and have all the qualities to teach their language ​​to adult students.
  • to make you take your final exams under the right conditions.
  • to help you in your administrative procedures.
We are at your disposal for any information you may need.
Welcome to International House!