Training Course for Teachers

Training Course for French Teachers TEACH 30

This course is designed for primary and secondary school French teachers who want to brush up on their speaking skills and refresh their teaching methods, whilst improving their understanding of modern France.

This course follows the European Comenius syllabus. Social activities and excursions are included.

Organisation of the course
  • Number of lessons : 30 lessons per week and 2 activities
  • Length of lessons : 45 minutes
  • Hours : Monday to Friday 9-12:15, three afternoons 1:15 - 3 pm, and two afternoons or evenings for sociocultural activities and excursions.
  • This course runs for one week every July.
    Brief description of the weekly program :
    1. From 9 am to 12:15: Discussions on modern France
    2. From 1:15 pm to 2:55 pm 3 afternoons a week devoted to classroom techniques
    3. 2 afternoons or evenings devoted to excursions and sociocultural activities